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Why Accuquilt?

July 19, 2018

I have only been “Quilting” & “Sewing” for about 10 months now and I have to say I am officially addicted! I have made two quilts to completion and a really cute tote bag. I have 5 projects “In Waiting” and a very large fabric stash that continues to grow. However, my newfound quilting reality almost wasn’t. I took a terrific “Learn to Quilt” class right here at Decorative Stitch where I learned the basic foundations of quilting. I also leaned how to properly measure and cut my fabrics, measure twice, cut once. As I started to assemble my blocks I quickly became aware that many of them were different sizes and there was no amount of creative sewing that was going to mask my measuring and cutting mistakes. I, like any other crazy perfectionist that struggles having to try, try again did what one should always do when faced with a struggle; I quit. 

Yep, you read that correctly, I placed that gorgeous fabric in a paper bag and slide it right into a drawer and walked away. I felt defeated and ruined, I added this attempt at creating and failing to a long list of crafty failures. A little side note about me, I suffer from ADD and mild dyslexia. A perfect formula for struggling in the real world. As an adult I have structured my life around my little shortcomings and that includes the long list of things I just don’t do because my brain doesn’t work like others and it can be very embarrassing to share this fact. But this time, sharing is just what I did. I talked about it, and just like that, a door was opened to me.  I was introduced to the Accuquilt Cutting System ( insert angels singing here ). 

Accuquilt cuts with fine precision any shape in several sizes therefore I don’t have to spend hours and hours attempting to cut my fabric into the shape and size I need while risking inverting numbers in my head and not realizing it until I am trying to piece blocks together.  I really wanted an enjoyable hobby that had zero limits in creativity and I found that in Quilting; and using Accuquilt made it possible! 

I now jump into projects with what I can only guess is the same awesome confidence that someone without my disabilities does. I am making and designing quilts (i.e the quilt featured with this blog post). It’s amazing when you can just get an idea, cut out some shapes, arrange them on a design wall and fall in love with it.  Then cut and piece away knowing that every piece will be fitting perfectly and every block will be the correct size, as long as I nail that quarter inch seam… 

But thats a different story! 

To learn more about Accuquilt and how it can make your quilting experience more enjoyable come join us in August for an Accuquilt Event! 

Click Here For More Details! 

*Blog Post written by Brandi Briggs

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