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Robert Kaufman

Woodland Echoes Pattern FREE with purchase of kit!!!

Robert Kaufman’s lastest fabric collection is here!


Batiks, Grunge & Notions

Decorative Stitch offers a wide variety of Batik and Grunge fabrics. These are speciality fabrics that pair effortlessly with all varieties and themes of your sewing project. In a world of novelty patterned leggings from flying pigs to tropical flowers Batik and Grunge fabrics can offer you the perfect blended colors needed to design fantastic shirts to compliment such unique leggings, (and jeans when the legging fad has past) so they can be worn with style and confidence. From the most seasoned quilter to the beginner, Batik and Grunge fabrics provide inspiration above and beyond this “Seasons” hottest trend. It may be Anchors away for your daughters dream bridal registry, but lets not forget the diamond in the rough that is the reversible quilt. The quilt that is stitched with love and the perfect Batik and/or Grunge design on the flip side! The honeymoon may be over but that gorgeous quilt has stood the test of time!

What is a project without the most important tools to create it? Decorative Stitch is locked and loaded with all types of notions needed for success. If we don’t have it, we can get it! Decorative Stitch is also stocked with amazing staff! Ever walk into a large chain store and feel overwhelmed by aisles and aisles of what looks like possibility yet there isn’t an approachable soul around?

We are a small business and that means we do not have a bottomless payroll fund to pay just anyone. As a result we employ staff with PASSION!!!!!!!

Passion to help you, passion to guide you and passion to take the time to show you and teach you. Decorative Stitch is much more then an exclusive Baby Lock retailer, Decorative Stitch is an experience.


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