It’s Just Thread, Right???

Hi There! It’s Sara from Decorative Stitch and I want to share with you my thread addiction! We carry only the best in the shop from our favorite thread manufacturers like Madeira, Robison Anton, Aurifil, Superior and Sulky – here’s why:

Almost once a year, I’ll have a well-intentioned friend or friend of a friend come to me and say something like, “Sara! You are not going to believe this! My moms’ cousins’ great aunt died and she was a sewer. She had a huge box of thread and I’m going to bring it for you! Some of them are even on wooden spools, you won’t have to buy thread again for years!”

I always respond with, “Thank you so much for thinking of me, that is so kind! Please, bring the thread over and I’ll make you coffee.”

Here’s the inside scoop, thread on wooden spools will go to my grandma because she collects it, and most of the rest will be either donated or pitched. Sometimes, people don’t have the heart to get rid of a loved ones possessions especially if they perceive it as a high value or something someone else could use. I get it, I’ll never offend someone and will gladly help with the process!

At Decorative Stitch, we want to make sure that our customers have the materials they need to create beautiful projects that will stand the test of time. It’s just thread, right? Wrong! There are several levels of thread quality; some good, some not-so. And it really is important to make sure you use good quality thread, especially if you have a good quality machine! Did you know that when thread breaks, it isn’t just visible from the outside of your machine. When you bring it in for an annual cleaning (yes, you should do that) and our technician takes off the outer cover on your machine, he likely sees all kind of thread particles, lint, etc. When thread breaks, it sometimes sends particles all throughout your machine – this can affect the longevity of your machine, especially if you don’t have it cleaned regularly.

High end machines drive fast and hard. They put a lot of force on thread! I compare it to buying a sports car – if you buy a Corvette, you have to use premium gas! It’s just part of owning a luxury product. Good sewing machines are the same, you should use good thread.

What are we looking for in good quality thread?

Durability – thread should not break when pulled, your machine probably pulls harder than you do! Not to mention, you don’t want seems in garments pulling apart.
Color Fastness – Better quality thread may hold up better to washing and sun exposure.
Color Consistency – If you are embroidering with a specific color and need a second or even third spool, you want to know that it is the exactly, same color! Better thread brands dye thread in larger lots to aid in color consistency.
Cross wound on Cones – When you look at a good cone of serger thread, for example, you will see a diamond pattern due to cross winding. This allows the thread to smoothly come off the top of the spool in an upward direction like sergers or even longarm quilting machines require.

What happens with poor quality or old thread? (Yes, thread ages, too!)

Rotting – thread can rot and lose durability, especially if it has been exposed to sunlight or moisture. This is common with cotton thread since it is a natural fiber.
Fading – be sure to store thread out of direct sunlight! You may find the thread visible on the outside of your spool is one color, but the thread under it, farther in the spool, is slightly different. Fading due to age and exposure if common in polyester, while the durability lasts.
Breakage – It just does. Lesser quality thread is generally made of a shorter “Staple” and has more weak points throughout the spool. Thread manufacturing has come a long way. The threads produced 20-30 years ago are not the same quality as what we buy now, which will have a much longer shelf life.
Machine jams – When thread breaks or shreads, it may leave particles inside your machine, in your bobbin area, in your bobbin case, under the needle plate, etc.

Another confession: I have been called a “Thread Snob”! Can you believe it?! Well, maybe that is true, but I prefer “Thread Junkie”, “Thread Head”, “Thread Aficionado”, or how about “ThrEaducator”. I want everyone to have a positive experience sewing and get the very most from your sewing machine with regard to production and longevity!

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