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January 17, 2019

Hello!  My name is Lori Miller and I am teaching Electric Quilt classes at Decorative Stitch.  I am an EQ8 fanatic and use it to design quilts, blocks and more.  I am excited to share with you this wonderful world of design.

A little about me, I have been sewing since I was 11.  I mostly sewed my own clothing but did make a scrappy quilt to take to college.  After I married and had my son, I started making quilts for him.  Then I started designing quilts.
I was using graph paper and pencils to create my quilt designs when I discovered EQ7.  I treated myself to a copy of the software and never looked back.  I started designing quilts and blocks using all of those creative ideas in my head.  I submitted my designs to magazines and put together my own original patterns and Electric Quilt made that process so much easier.
But you don’t have to publish your own designs to love EQ8.  It lets you do so many things easier to create a beautiful quilt or cherished gift.
Here are my top 5 reasons to purchase and use EQ8 Quilt design software.

1) You can start designing right away with over 6000 pre-drawn quilt blocks.  They have traditional pieced, applique blocks, paper pieced, you name it, that are all copyright free and ready for you to use.  There is even a book with all of the blocks, I like to peruse it and get ideas for future projects.

2) You can size your blocks and quilt to any size you want.  Do you have a 6 inch block that you want to be 12 inches? With a couple of key strokes, you can have the larger size.  Need to change a twin size quilt to a queen size, just add more blocks with a few clicks.  If I don’t like something, it is so easy to make the changes and look at the quilt virtually.  I can easily make updates and changes until I like my design.

3) You can use actual pictures of your fabric to try out in your quilt design to see how it looks before you even cut the fabric.  Some manufacturers provide the pictures, like in my Baby Bandit Raccoon quilt.  I used the actual fabric pictures before I made the quilt.

4) You can print out lots of information, like how much fabric yardage you need.  You can even print out the templates, paper pieced patterns and rotary cutting instructions for your quilts and blocks.  It is so helpful when you start to put your quilt together.

5) Help is available in whatever way you need it.  You can call, chat, email or go online to a huge support database to get answers and help for whatever you are designing.  The staff at Electric Quilt is super helpful and will definitely point you in the right direction for whatever issue you are having or any help you may need.

Have you always been interested in design or are ready to go to the next level with EQ8 Quilt Design Software?  I am offering Beginner, Advanced Beginner and Skillbuilder classes to learn EQ8 at Decorative Stitch.  I will be there to help you and inspire you in the design process.  I am looking forward to meeting you!

Lori J. Miller lives in Oxford, Michigan, where she designs, stitches and sews quilts and quilty things. She loves experimenting with fun colors and designs to make playful and clever products for the modern stitcher.  Sewing since age 11, Lori has deep roots in sewing and quilting traditions that add a unique dimension to her designs.  She loves designing using Electric Quilt 8.  You can follow her quilting adventures on her blog at or on instagram @lorimillerdesigns.  Follow her EQ8 lessons on the Electric Quilt Blog

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